16 July 2014

Edwards and Co.


Living off cheap thrills and DIY hair cut’s and dye’s throughout my youth meant getting hair pampered a very rare occasion for me. By rare occasion I mean, I would only ever get a hair fix, out of desperation by committing a walk-in to the first hairdresser I would come across.

Now, a couple of months ago - I assisted a photo shoot in a beautifully rustic, polished - and very photogenic studio in Surry Hills, and to little knowledge at the time, is also a hair salon and home to an array of Australia’s most known locks, Lara Bingle and Erin McNaught to name a few. This was Edwards and Co.

When you first walk in, you would second guess the hair salon nature, instead of piles of hair on hair, shiny textile and the scent of hair dye, you are welcomed with a light filled studio of wooden floors, brick and a feature wall - an artwork of an aquatic creature of some sort and tables made out of raw wood and metal, table tops scattered with magazines of all sorts and an align of grand windows and mirrors from ceiling to floor - like a ballet studio. It’s a place you genuinely want to be at.
I recently visited Edwards and Co and got some hair loving and tips from Jaye Edwards himself (founder/owner) who, for the first time achieved waves in my hair to perfection. I really don’t remember the last time I walked out of a salon actually liking (loving) my hair. I won’t go on about the process that went through the cut/style of my hair yet, but for anyone looking for a new place to check out, I recommend you booking in advance. I’m going in again next week for a shine, so expect another Edwards and Co post. This is only an introduction.

Staff, cut, ambience, service (they serve you tea while they cut!), interior design - all massive ticks for me. 



  1. Wow. It sounds like an amazing salon. Seeing as how I'm in that stage of home dyes and cheap haircuts, I probably won't get an experience like this for a while.

    Theatricality by Mariah

  2. looks like an awesome salon and your waves are damn fine.

    bon x


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