01 August 2014

So clean


Over the past month or so, I've forgotten what it's like to get dressed without having to layer on knits, jackets and cover ups for the legs. I've been struggling to balance outfits with what I really want to wear, with what I end up wearing - readjusting every outfit to be weather appropriate bores me. I was excited for a short period of time to layer up in oversized coats, but my Summer self and well being is long overdue for some warmth. Winter has been very uninspiring to say the least.

Thankfully, post Splendour blues have been embraced and welcomed by Sydney's glorious warmth and rays (which is a first), so naturally I pulled out this gorgeous dress by upcoming label; Faithful. (Finally)
 I was actually hoping to wear this on one of the Splendour days, but the thought of ruining it with sweat, mud and whatever else scared me a little.. so here's a post festival outfit that has also been inspired by one of my favourite Outkast songs.. So fresh, so clean.


31 July 2014

Splendour in the Grass

Here's a tamer version of what my actual Splendour looked like.


After a pre-pre party the night before SITG weekend begun, we dragged our selves out of bed for the first day of Splendour. Beginning at Spotify's pre-party, which was held in a secluded country club, with the greenest of surroundings. The venue, completely decked out in country side decor was heavily vintage Summer themed, from the DJ's playlist, cocktails, to the faded pink couches spread outside under the trees and even the retro double decker bus (along with the driver - bow tie and all) that picked us up.
We ended up being caught in traffic on a bridge across a river, where an 80's playlist made it on the bus speakers - people danced in the bus and even on the highway, think The Jackson Five and Earth, Wind and Fire..


The days basically became a blur so I will just have to narrate them based on my memories.. After the first night of serious boogieying and rapping to Outkast - who was headlining, and truly amazing. We were ready for the second day of Splendour madness.. to be honest each day was completely unplanned - majority of the time we didn't even know which act was performing, we solely relied on the beats beneath our feet and got lost amongst the markets, teepee, new friends and people watching. 

Advice to those serious live music goers - print out a timetable or you'll be too sidetracked from everything else that is happening. We stopped by the Very Small Mall and picked up our Hunter boots from the Hunter Bunker store thanks to the Iconic - which, I'm so grateful for because they saved my soles from swelling and getting wet (from dancing and slight rain). I got a little too excited because the boots were completely true to size - finally a pair of rain boots that actually fit my tiny feet and legs. 
Foals, Rufus and Sticky fingers killed the day.

Basically the shoes of choice if you're going to a festival.
Get them here and here.

Ok, so the third and final day was the craziest. I can't even really put it into words..
I'm actually beyond impressed that my rubber converse didn't get ruined at all - they're still white. Whoever said white shoes at a festival was a bad idea, they're so wrong. 

All photos shot on Panasonic Lumix G1M

So, I was surprised how many of you didn't know what Splendour was - basically in simple definition, it's a three day festival located in North Byron parklands (North from Sydney) and it's almost the equivalent of Coachella (on a much smaller scale). 30 thousand free soul-ers roaming within the fields of live music and very much intoxicated on good vibrations (amongst many other things) and each other's mutual enthusiasm and love for festival life.

What I love most about three day festivities - especially Falls or Splendour is it's dislocation from city life, it's a world of itself. I feel like you become a friendlier human, the amount of sorry's I heard from people bumping into each other (even of the slightest), and amount of hugs and laughter I shared with strangers was a norm. Dancing in the midst of bountiful bodies who shared the same passion for live beats is something you don't experience everyday, you are constantly feeding off everyone else's positive energy - from the artist's voice, to the bass of the speakers, to the thrusting of hands and the unison movement of the crowd. There's an element of hustle and bustle of festival life that differs from city life - people are calm, content, free and happy.

Special thanks to the team at Market HQ for making this happen - it was a dream.. until next year!


Shake it

I shaked it like a polaroid while seeing Outkast live (!!! highlight) and also developed some actual polaroids - huge thanks to the Converse team for my Instax Mini, that snapped up some memorable moments, I'll definitely be taking it around and stocking up on some film for more adventures. I'm pretty sure a few are hidden amongst the dirt and bushes of Splendour though..

Ps. Photo diary up next - there's lots of photos.


23 July 2014

Festival essentials I

1. Panasonic Lumix GM1 point and shoot camera
2. Monster Productions portable charger
3. Sole Republic headphones
4. Instax polaroid

Pre Splendour packing chaos, because there's nothing better than packing last minute right?

So, I got real techy this time.. my last camping festival trip (which most of you won't know about, no uploading was done that trip) was basically a blissful escapade from cyberspace, technology, content providing and consuming and a whole lot of earthing embracement (roaming around everywhere barefoot), free souling and getting lost amongst lush Aussie bushland and taking in endless hectares of sand, salt and the ocean. I was a temporary gypsy. Ok, maybe not - a week away from the internet is really nothing.

Moving forward, I'm heading to Splendour in the Grass tomorrow morning for MARKET HQ, which means rookie gypsy living won't be happening. I've stocked up on extra battery and portable chargers to make sure that every snap, outfit I wear and artist I see live, is delivered straight to you guys across my blog, instagram as well as Market HQ's social media platforms- so for those who won't be boogie-ying away with me, you won't really miss out much.. apart from the live festivities and all round good vibes of Splendour in the Grass..! Sorry, not sorry.

Reviews to come.